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Welcome to the Port of Visakhapatnam.

Port of Visakhapatnam is one of the 13 major ports of India. It is located on the east coast, midway between Kolkata and Chennai. During the FY 2009-10 the Port handled a record quantity of 65.50 million tonnes standing 2nd among major ports and first among the east coast ports. The Port is catering to the key industries like the petroleum, steel, power and fertilizers besides other manufacturing industries and playing catalyst role for the agricultural and industrial development of its hinterland spreading from the south to the north.

The outer harbour of the Port can accommodate vessels upto 150,000 DWT and draft upto 17 meters. The inner harbour berths are PANAMAX compatible and can handle vessels upto 11 meters draft. The Port is equipped with an array of cargo transfer systems. The mechanical ore handling plant consists of fully mechanized receiving and shipping systems designed to loads iron ore directly into the vessels through conveyors. The Port is operating its own Railway network of about 200 Kms., which is linked to the Trunk Railways. The Port Railways handled a record quantity of 37.56 million tonnes during the FY 2009-10. The Port is well connected to the NH-5 by a 4 lane connectivity road. The Port has Electric Wharf Cranes of capacities ranging from 10 to 20 T and 2 nos., Harbour Mobile Cranes of 140 tonne capacity. Mechanical loading facilities exist for handling Alumina and fertilisers. The Off Shore Tanker Terminal in the Outer harbour discharges crude oil directly to the tanks of the Refinery. The Container terminal operated by Visakha Container Terminal Private Ltd., is the deepest container terminal among major ports and equipped with modern container handling equipments. The BOT operator, Vizag Sea Port Pvt., Ltd., is operating two berths (EQ-8&9) in the inner harbour. These berths are equipped with 3 nos., Harbour Mobile Cranes which can handle cargo at 18,000 tonnes per day per crane. The efficient workforce of the Port works 24 × 7.

The Port is ISO-9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant. The Port facility is ISPS compliant and is currently operating at Security Level-2.

Poised to handle 85 million tonnes by 2015, the Port has ambitious plans for modernization with the vision to become the most preferred Port in South Asian Region. Considerable investments through PPP mode are on the anvil envisaging deepening of channels and berths, construction of new berths, installation of state of art mechanized handling facilities and other logistics.

The strong relation with the stakeholders is making the synergies happen at the port. The Port continually strives in offering prompt and efficient services at optimum cost to the satisfaction of its customers.

I welcome you once again to the Port of Visakhapatnam and hope that you enjoy surfing through our website.




Visakhapatnam was an ancient Port city which had trade relations with the Middle East and Rome. Ships were anchored at open roads and were loaded with cargo transported from Visakhapatnam shore by means of small Masula boats. A reference to Vizagapatam merchant is available in the inscriptions of Sri Bheemeswara Swamy temple (1068 AD), East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. During 12th century AD, Vizagapatam was a fortified merchandize town managed by a guild. It has become a settlement of a branch of East India Company in 1682. Rs. 83 lakh worth of goods were moved through Vizagapatam / Bhimunipatnam in 1882-83.

Principal commodities traded at anchorage Port included Muslin cloth - manufactured at Uppada (East Godavari District), Manganese ore - exports to UK and USA, Oilseeds, jaggery, jute and indigo, hides and skins. Extensive trade relations existed with Burma. Vessels of British India Steam Navigation Company regularly visited the Port.

With the advent of British Rule, in 1858, the need for a port in this part of the country was emphasized in a report of a British Survey Party. Later in 1877 a report called Vizag the Port of Central Provinces further emphasized the need for construction of a Port at Visakhapatnam. It was only after the I World War (1914-18) that the proposal of Col.H.Cartwright Reid of British Admiralty for construction of a harbour at Visakhapatnam at the mouth of river Meghadrigedda was approved by the Government.

The unique feature of the harbour has been the Island Break-water, constructed by scuttling two old ships JANUS and WELLESDON which form the skeleton around which a rubble mound is formed. Two engineers Mr.W.C.Ash and Mr.D.B.Rattenberry were instrumental in making this engineering marvel a reality.

The existing land locked Inner Harbour was built by Bengal Nagpur Railway between 1927 and 1933 to provide sea outlet for Manganese ore of the Central Provinces(Madhya Pradesh).

The location of the port is very ideal in the sense that it affords protection from cyclones which strike the east coast regularly, by a high promontory into the sea, knon as Dolphin’s Nose Hill which is to the north of the entrance channel. The low tidal range of a maximum of 1.82 meters is also advantageous for the location of the port.

The harbour was constructed by dredging 281.8 million cu.ft. of land and soft material. It consisted of outer channel, inner channel, island breakwater, sand trap, turning basin, quay wall of 1600 ft (3 berths), two transit sheds, three storage sheds, open storage area, four electric quay cranes, three NG Locos, one weigh bridge, railway track, 15 sq. miles of acquired land and other facilities like, graving dock, dredgers, tugs, lighters, power house, work shop, roads, drains, water supply, buildings etc. The Port was constructed at a cost of Rs.378 lakhs.

The Port was opened to ocean traffic with the arrival of a passenger vessel S.S.JALADURGA of the Scindia Steam Navigation Co., on the 7th October, 1933. The Port was formally inaugurated by His Excellency Lord Willingdon, the then Viceroy and Governor General of India on 19th December 1933.

In the first year of operation, the Port handled a traffic of 1.3 lakh tonnes. The exports were 1.2 lakh tonnes and imports 0.1 lakh tonnes. The principal exports were manganese ore and groundnuts. The imports consisted of rice, flour, tiles and other consumer goods. The cargo was transported through bullock carts.

During the years of II World War (1939-42) the Port assumed military importance. After the war and country’s independence, the planned development of the Port started with the commencement of Five Year Plans of the country. Substantial investments were made in the successive Five Year Plans for developing the infrastructure in the Port.

The metamorphosis of the small Port with 3 berths and with initial annual traffic of 1.3 lakh tonnes into a leading Major Port with 24 berths and annual throughput of 65 million tonnes involed many landmarks.

The Port administration has passed through different departments and Ministries of the Government of India till its transfer to the Port Trust in February, 1964 under Major Port Trusts Act 1963 as shown below:


Chronology of major developments:


Construction of three jetty berths(WJ-1,2&3)
Construction of one quay berth (EQ-4)
Construction of oil wharf consisting two oil berths(OR-1&2)


Commissioning of two captive iron ore berths WOB-1(now WQ-4) and WOB-2(WQ-5)
Commissioning of ore handling plant
Commissioning of captive Fertiliser berth(FB)
Commissioning of EQ-5 and EQ-6
Constitution of Visakhapatnam Port Trust
Commencement of Night Navigation


Commissioning of New Oil Mooring to accommodate large crude ships.
Commissioning of Outer harbour and ore berths (OB-1 and OB-2) to accommodate ships of size 150,000 DWT


Construction of an off shore tanker terminal (OSTT) in the outer harbour to accommodate crude tankers upto 150,000 DWT
Construction of a General-cum-Bulk cargo berth to cater to ships upto 60,000 DWT


Conversion of the jetty berths WJ-1,2 and 3 into a regular quay berth with more apron width.
Commissioning of a multi-purpose berth EQ-7 in the inner harbour.
Commissioning of multipurpose berth in the outer harbour (now Container terminal)
Construction of an exclusive and specialized terminal for discharging LPG from gas carriers at the outer harbour.


Commencement of operation of the first BOT project - Container terminal at outer harbour concessioned to            Visakha  Container Terminal P Ltd.
Development of two new berths in the extended Northern arm of Inner Harbour (EQ.8 & EQ.9) on BOT basis by M/s.Vizag Sea Port Pvt. Ltd.
Commissioning of a multi purpose berth WQ-7 in the inner harbour
Navigation of first PANAMAX vessel into inner harbour
Commissioning of the LPG cavern facility
Merging of Visakhapatnam Dock Labour Board with Visakhapatnam Port Trust
Widening entrance channel of IH to 111 meters and permissible draft to 11 meters
Installation of 2 nos., harbour mobile cranes at West Quay berths of the inner harbour on hire basis.

Our Vision

To be the
most preferred port
in South Asia offering services
of global standards.

Our Mission

To be a major
partner in meeting the
logistics requirements of the
importers and exporters
of the region.
Our Trustee
Sl. No. Name Address
1 Shri. M.T. KRISHNA BABU, I.A.S. Chariman,Visakhapatnam Port Trust
2 Shri. P.L.HARANADH, I.R.T.S. Dy.Chariman,Visakhapatnam Port Trust
3 Shri Rajat Sachar,
Advisor (Eco)
Ministry of Shipping, Transport Bhawan,
Parliament Street,
NEW DELHI-110 001
Representing Ministry of Shipping
4 Shri Ajay Jain, I.A.S.,
Principal Secretary to Government
Infrastructure & Investment Department,
Andhra Pradesh Secretariat,
HYDERABAD-500 022.
Representing State, Govt. of A.P
5 Dr. D.K. Srinivas, IRS,
Commissioner of Customs
Department of Customs,
Port Area,
Representing Department of Customs
6 Shri S. Satyanarayana Murthy,
Surveyor- in- Charge -cum -
Dy. Director General of Shipping (Tech)
Mercantile Marine Department,
#7-8-26/A By the side of R.K. Mission Temple,
R.K. Beach,  Near Kalimatha Temple,
Representing Mercantile Marine Department
7 Cmde.Sanjiv Issar,
Naval Officer-in-charge (A.P.)
Naval Base, Fleet Mail Office,
Eastern Naval Command,
Representing Defence Services
8 Shri Navdeep Raj(0094 M),
Dy.Inspector General,
Coast Guard, AP
District Headquarters No.6,
Post Box No.1128,
Representing Coast Guard
9 Shri Sanjay Kumar Mishra, IRTS,
Chief Freight Transportation Manager
East Coast Railway,
RAIL Sadan Head Quarters Building,
Operating Department, Ground Floor,
Chandra Sekarpur,
Representing the Indian Railways
10 Sri V.V. Rama Rao
Hony. President
V.H. & P.W. Union,
D. No. 26-26-7,
Bhadra Murthy Sarma Bhavan,
Harbour Approach Road
Visakhapatnam-530 001
(Representing Labour employed in the Port)
11 Sri D.K. Sarma
General Secretary
V.P.E. Union,
DNo. 26-15-204, Dharmasakthi Bhavan, Main Road,
(Representing Labour employed in the Port)
12 Dr.M.R.G Reddy,
Regional Officer
Additional PCCF (Central)
Government of India
Regional Office,
South Estern Zone,
Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change,
1st. and 2nd Floor,
Cathedral Garden Road Nungambakkam,
CHENNAI-600 034
13 Shri Paidi Venugopalam,
Trusetee, VPT
S/o. Late Shri Satyam,
Plot No. 13, First Lane,
P.P.N. Colony, Gujarathipeta,
Srikakulam -532 005,
Andhra Padesh.
14 Shri S.V.S Prakash Rao
Trusetee, VPT
S/o. Shri Tata Rao,
D. Np. 46-7-16/1, Palikalavari Street,
Visakhapatnam-530 016
15 Shri Paka Venkata Satyanarayana,
Trusetee, VPT
S/O. Shri P. Narasimha Murthy,
D.No. 26-8-17, Balusumudi,
Bhimavaram, Sest Godavari,
Andhra Pradesh-534 202
16 Shri M. Chakravarthy,
Trusetee, VPT
No. 1986, H-Block, 5th Street,
12th Main Road, Anna Nagar,
Chennai - 600 040.
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Unique features

• Island Break-water, constructed by scuttling two old ships JANUS and WELLESDON which form the
   skeleton around which a rubble mound is formed.

• It is a natural port endowed with deep water basins formed by a high promontory into the sea,known as    Dolphin’s Nose Hill to the south and Ross Hill to the North of the entrance channel.

• The only port in India and first of its kind in South Asia to have a Cavern facility for LPG – a mined rock
   Cavern at a depth of 200 mtrs. below sea level (capacity: 60,000 T)

Awards & Achievements

• The only Indian port to have three international certifications.
   ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.
   ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System.
   OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

• The Dredging to enable handling 200,000 DWT vessels (18.10m draft) cape size vessels in outer            harbor was complted during 2014.

• An ISPS compliant Port.

• Complimented by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India as the
   BRIGHTEST JEWEL among all the major ports of India

• NATIONAL SAFETY AWARD for outstanding performance in industrial safety
   Winners for the year 2002,2006,2007
   Runner-up for years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

• GREENTECH SAFETY AWARD in service sector for outstanding achievement in Safety management
    Silver - 2008, 2010

• GREENTECH GOLD AWARD for Environment Management for the year 2007

• GREENTECH ENVIRONMENT EXCELLENT AWARDin Service Sector for outstanding achievement
   in Environment Management       Gold - 2007, 2009