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Navigational Facilities

last update on : 13-July-2018

INNER HARBOR                                                             (All dimensions are in metres)
Day light
Arrivals / Departures Up to 230 32.50 14.50 1.0

 Arrivals / Departures
Up to 200

Panamax vessels



 Day time

Vessles of LOA above 195m or beam more than 32.20m handled by two Pilots.

Night Arrivals

Vessels above 186m or beam more than 32m are handled by two Pilots

Night Departures

Vessels above 195m or beam more than 32m are handled by two Pilots.


 Berthing 230m LOA vessel can be taken up at WQ-6, subject to Availability 45m room at North side of WQ-5


OUTER HARBOR                                                            For arrivals                               (All dimensions are in metres)
Permitted Dimensions as per berths LOA BEAM DRAFT TIDE
OSTT  * 240.00 -- 17.0 --
OB-I & OB-II ** 333.00 50.00 16.5 0.3
MPB ( VCTPL ) 320.00 42.00 14.5 --
VGCB (Vedanta) 300.00 50.00 18.1 --
LPG  *** 230.00 42.00 14.00 --
Channel Berth for 10,000 DWT 150.00 18.75 8.5 --
Fishing Harbour 70.00 14.00 5.5 0.7
SPM Berthing carried out only during day light hours.


*  Transshipment during fair weather and berthing in day light hours only 

** 1. The clearance between the stern of the vessels berthed at VGCB and OB-1 should be at least 45m. 

     2. Whenever there is a Cape size vessel (Max. LOA 300m) berthed at VGCB, only 260m LOA vessel can be berthed at OB-I berth and vice versa.   

*** The distance from ship’s center manifold to its stern not to exceed 119.0m.

Day Light

Vessels of LOA above 270 or Beam above 42 are handled with two pilots.

Night Arrivals

1. Tankers of LOA>220 are berthed at LPG with two pilots.

2. Vessels with DWT >75,000 are berthed at OB – I & II, VGCB and Vessels >270 at VCTPL with two pilots

Night Departures

Vessels of LOA >270 or Beam >42 are handled by two pilots.