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Ship Repair

Two dry docks are available with the Port.

The inner harbour dry dock with length 140.24 mtrs., bredth 18.28 meters and draft 5.6 meters is catering to the requirement of Port crafts as well as other crafts.

The fishing harbour dry dock with length 65 meters, bredth 21 meters and draft 6 meters is catering to the requirements of fishing trawlers and boats.

India's oldest and the largest state owned ship building and ship repairing facility known as Hindustan Ship Yard Ltd., is located in the water adjacent to the Port. Hindustan Ship Yard has the facilities for all kinds of ship repairs including the dry dock.

Contact Address: Chairman & Managing Director,
Hindustan Ship Yard Ltd.,
Gandhigram, Visakhapatnam - 530005
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone No : +919493792000,+919493792001
Fax No : 91-8912577502 / 2577356