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Marine Tenders

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Tender No Name of the Tender Last Date for Submission Tender Document
NO.IMAR/DCO/D/2717/2018 Date:29.08.18 Repairs to 03nos Yokohama Fenders of VPT 15.09.2018 Tender Document
NO.IMAR/FSS/44/566/2018 Dt: 18.08.18 Request for Budgetary Offers for procurement of AFFF(Aqueous Film Forming Foam) 3% Concentrate 31.08.2018 Tender Document
NO.IMAR/DCO/D/2488 /2018 Dt: 04.08.18 Repairs to 03nos Yokohama Fenders of VPT 20.08.2018 Tender Document
NO. IMAR/MSS/F-122/20174090 DT. 08-11-2017 Dredging underneath of pipes of Fire Fighting pumps located under the LPG berth in Ourter Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port 20-11-2017 Tender Document
  Guidelines for issue of license to Waste Oil Recyclers for collection of Sludge/waste Oil / Oily bilges from the ships calling at Port of Visakhapatnam   Tender Document
Request for expression of interest (EOI) for "Development of a system for converting floating matter in to oil form or to recycle to usable forms" near STP in Visakhapatnam port trust including construction / errection of the system, operation and maintaining for a initial period of 3 years and extendable up to 5 years 15.07.2015 Tender Document