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1. Gazette Notification dt.28-2-1965 issued by Central Gov!. brining Major Port Trust Act, 1963 came into force w.e.!. 29-2-1964
2. Major Port Trusts (Adaptation of Rules) Regulations, 1964
3. Major Port Trusts (Procedure at Board Meetings) Rules, 1981
4. Major Port Trusts (Payment of Fees and Allowances to Trustees) Rules, 1981
5. Visakhapatnam Port Employees’ (Temporary Services) Regulations, 1991
6. Visakhapatnam Port Employees’ (Conduct) Regulations, 1964
7. Visakhapatnam Port Employees’ (Recruitment, Seniority and Promotion) Regulations, 1964

Visakhapatnam Port Employees’ (Amenment of Recuitment Rules  2015 for Cl-II, Cl-III & Cl-IV )
8. Visakhapatnam Port (Authorisation of Pilots) Regulations, 1964
9. Visakhapatnam Port Employees’ (Welfare Fund) Regulations, 1967
10. Visakhapatnam Port Employees (Classification, Control and Appeal), Regulations, 1968
11. Visakhapainam Port Employees' (Allotment of Residences) Regulations, 1968
12. The Class-I Officers of the Visakhapatnam Port (Acceptance of Employment after Retirement) Regulations, 1970
13. Visakhapatnam Port Employees' (Compassionate Fund) Regulations, 1970
14. Visakhapatnam Port Employees' (Family Security) Regulations, 1976
15. Visakhapatnam Port Employees' (Retirement) Regulations, 1989
16. Visakhapatnam Port Employees' (Educational Assistance) Regulations, 1990.
17. Visakhapatnam Port Employees' (Festival Advance) Regulations, 1991
18. Visakhapatnam Port Trust Employees' (Contributory Outdoor and Indoor Medical Benefit after retirement) Regulations, 1992
19. Visakhapatnam Port Trust (Recruitment of Heads of Departments) Regulations, 1991
20. VPTE (LEAVE) Regulations, 1992
21. VPTE (LTC) Regulations, 1993
22. VPE (GPF) Regulations, 1993
23. VPE (Grant of advances for purchase of conveyances) Regulations, 1993.
24. Appointing 29th Feb. 1964 on the date on which MPT Act, 1963 (Act 38 of 1963)
25. Regulations For Entry/Exit Of Contract Labourers Into The Port Premises
26. The Class-I Officers of the Visakhapatnam Port (Acceptance of Employment after retirement), Regulations, 1970
27. New Pension Scheme in the Ports also in respect of the employees / workers / officers those who have appointed in the Port service on or after 01-01-2004.
28. Visakhapatnam Port Trust(Licensing of Stevedors and Allied Matters) Regulations,1967