Other Facilities

Cruise Shipping

Passenger ship at this port is available every month from the Port of Visakhapatnam to Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar Islands, India. The state run Shipping Corporation of India deploys large size passenger ships for ferrying passengers and essential goods from Port of Visakhapatnam to Port Blair. The distance between Visakhapatnam Port to Port Blair is 1100 nautical miles and the passenger fare is about IN Rs.5000/-. M/s.A.V.Bhanojirow, Garuda Pattabhiramayya & Co. (M/s.AVBGPR & Co.) is the agent for ship plying between Port of Visakhapatnam and Andaman Nicobar Islands.

Contact Address M/s.A.V.B.G.P.R & Co., Port Area, Visakhapatnam – 530035. Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Phone No: 91-891-2565584 Fax No : 91-891-2566507 Mobile No : 984911393

Ship Repair

Two dry docks are available with the Port. The inner harbour dry dock with length 140.24 mtrs., bredth 18.28 meters and draft 5.6 meters is catering to the requirement of Port crafts as well as other crafts. The fishing harbour dry dock with length 65 meters, bredth 21 meters and draft 6 meters is catering to the requirements of fishing trawlers and boats. India’s oldest and the largest state owned ship building and ship repairing facility known as Hindustan Ship Yard Ltd., is located in the water adjacent to the Port. Hindustan Ship Yard has the facilities for all kinds of ship repairs including the dry dock.

Contact Address: Chairman & Managing Director, Hindustan Ship Yard Ltd., Gandhigram, Visakhapatnam – 530005 Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Phone No : +919493792000,+919493792001 Fax No : 91-8912577502 / 2577356

Bunker Supply

Bunkers are supplied to vessels through barges licensed by the Port both in Harbour and at anchorage. Bunkers will be supplied to vessels on first-come first-serve basis with riority to vessels in the order of sailing. M/s.Supreme Marine Tankers are licensed to supply bunkers. Contact phone No. +(91)-(891)-2503827, 2726824, 2788210 9866185715

Water Supply

Fresh water is being supplied by Port barge/ licensed barge/ road tankers licensed by the Port, shore pipeline at OR-1&2 berths on requisition by the vessel through the Agent. Water will be supplied to vessels on first-come first-serve basis with priority to vessels in the order of sailing and especially to vessels which do not have road access.

Shore Reception

The port is providing reception facilities for waste oil and garbage from ships through authorized licensees in addition to a 100 tonne capacity masonry tank to provide reception facilities to port crafts under MARPOL regulations 73/78. The facility can be availed through the shipping agents




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