Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department of VPA is responsible for the creation and maintenance of assets of Civil engineering nature from the inception of the port and the same is a continuous process in the developmental activity of the port and construction of infrastructure.

  • Berths.
  • Shore protection.
  • Breakwaters.
  • Capital dredging.
  • Roads and Pavements.
  • Hard surfacing of cargo stacking areas.
  • Railway lines, crane tracks etc.
  • Bridges and culverts. Drainage works.
  • Office buildings, warehouses, sheds.
  • Conveyor supporting structures, Surge bins, Junction houses.
  • Quarters for port Officers and employees.
  • Hospital and dispensary buildings.
  • Water tanks both overhead and underground/ground.
  • Water supply lines, pump houses. Sanitary works.
  • Sewage treatment plant.
  • Foundation for Mechanical and Electrical equipment/machinery.
  • Up-gradation and maintenance of the above Infrastructure.
  • Environmental works and monitoring of the environment. Estate Management.

The Port Area which includes

  • Inner Harbour: Harbour basin, channels, water front structures (berths), transit sheds, Dry Dock stacking areas, roads, crane and railway tracks, operational buildings, drainage system etc.
  • Outer Harbour: Breakwaters, harbour basin, berths, stacking areas, surge bin, transfer and junction houses, Power sub-station, operational buildings, Ware Houses, railway and crane tracks, civil structures supporting conveyors, shore protection works etc.
  • Fisheries Harbour: Jetties, harbour basin, paved areas, Slip way Complex, Dry Dock, approach roads, sheds, drainage system, etc.
  • Port areas in: K-colony, Maharani Peta, Harbour park, Salagrama Puram,
  • Malka Puram: Residential buildings (quarters, site offices, guest houses, dispensaries, roads and culverts, water tanks, sidings etc.) and stacking areas, etc.,
  • Western sector: Roads, Bridges, railway lines, sidings, stacking areas, etc
  • Guesthouse at ARAKU and Trade Promotion Office & Guest House at Hyderabad

Works on Contract

  • Site survey.
  • Preparation of preliminary drawings and preliminary estimates.
  • Obtaining in-principle sanction of the competent authority.
  • Preparation of detailed drawings, detailed estimates and obtaining the sanction of Competent Authority.
  • Preparation of bid documents.
  • Invitation of bids and processing for determining the successful bidder and obtaining the sanction of the competent authority for awarding the work to the successful bidder.
  • Awarding the work.
  • Procurement of materials to be issued by the department.
  • Contract management including obtaining and renewing BGs and processing bills for payment.
  • Processing of extra and substituted items and excess quantities.
  • Examining claims and counterclaims.
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.
  • Preparation of ‘Completion Reports’, Completion drawings, and ‘Assets Register’.
  • Availing the services IITs / AU and other agencies for Design consultancy.

PPP Projects

Civil Engineering department is the Nodal agency for implementation of the PPP projects under taken by VPA and to monitor the progress and completion with the assistance of an Independent Engineer. However, PPP Projects related to ‘Mechanization of existing berths’ is the responsibility of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department.

Deposit Works

The works to be taken up by VPA on behalf of other Govt. organizations in the Port area.

Mutually Beneficial Schemes

The works accepted by VPA & GVMC shall be taken up with funds available under 51% taxes payable by VPA to GVMC.

Maintenance contracts are awarded zone-wise

  • Zone-A: Outside Dock area.
  • Zone-A1: Total Dock area.
  • Zone-B&C/East: Drains, main Roads, operational Roads.
  • Zone-D: All Residential quarters.
  • Zone-MW: All marine works.
  • Zone- Railway: R&D yard, OHC, Signaling & Telecommunications and western sector.
  • Zone- West: Drains, main Roads, operational Roads.
  • Periodical maintenance: Painting works covering A, A1 and D zones. Environment maintenance works: Road sweeping, removal of floating materials from geddas and plantations etc.

Periodical Inspection of Structures and Health Monitoring

  • Bridges, Break waters and Marine structures like berths and jetties etc.
  • Agencies like SERC Chennai, Andhra University, IIT Madras, CWPRS and others as needed. .

The Maintenance sub-divisional offices to look after both construction and maintenance works

  • Near Dock area – For Dock Area Maintenance.
  • Ore handling complex – For Water Supply Maintenance.
  • A.O. B. – For all NRB Maintenance.
  • Harbour Park – For Officers’ Quarters Maintenance.
  • Salagramapuram – For all RB and NRB maintenance.
  • OR-II – For Maintenance of Marine Works of VOH and FH.
  • Western Sector – For maintenance of Civil and Railway.
  • R & D Yard – For maintenance of Civil and Railway

Drawing office

The Drawing office is located in the A.O.B. to prepare layout, general arrangement and reinforcement drawings, estimates, bid documents for major works and preparation of Schedule of Rates. In case of maintenance works and minor works from the field, the proposals and estimates are made at respective site offices and sent to the Drawing Office for scrutiny.

Office Administration

Dy. Chief Engineer nominated for the purpose will be responsible for the Office Administration including Establishment matters. He will be assisted by Dy. Secretary / Asst. Secretary/ Personal Officer and the Office Staff.

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