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Tender No Name of the Tender Department Last Date for Submission Date Tender Document
No. I M&EE/ELE IEMP I 1207 I Dt. 18 .05.2023. Re-location of High mast lighting tower by providing of new RCC foundation at GCB to facilitate construction of Cruise terminal Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2023-05-24 24-05-2023 Tender Document download
Tender No. 08/lM&EE/ELE/EMP/1207 dt. 17.05.2023. Providing road lighting from H-8 to Vedanta gate along west of high rise wall -ln connection with Development of 4-Lane road connectivity from existing east breakwater Phase-ll up to convent junction under Bharatmala Valuation. Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2023-05-23 23-05-2023 Tender Document download
No. IM&EE/MOF/PROJ/EVTLFishing Harbour/2023/217/Dt: 26 .04.2023. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST-Modernization and up gradation of Fishing Harbour at Visakhapatnam Port – Projects to be outsourced on PPP Mode – Reg. Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2023-06-01 01-06-2023 Tender Document download
Tender No. 73 /IM&EE/ELE/EM[P/ 1200, dt. 04.04.2023. Calibration of Single core 11 KV, CT’s & PT’s sets, 11KV Metering Cubicles and 3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meters of Visakhapatnam Port Authority as per NABL standards at on- site Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2023-04-11 11-04-2023 Tender Document download
No.IM&EE/MOF/EXE-1/F-1322/ Dt. 13.09.2022. Repairing, rewinding servicing and reconditioning of 1500KVA 6.6KV/433V Distribution transformer of EQ1 terminal Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-09-20 20-09-2022 Tender Document download
No. 20/2022-23/IM&EE/MOF/FOF/ET/F.03/, Dt. 24.06.2022 Removal, Shifting and Re-fixing of RFID kiosk to the median strip, laying of Network and power cables at North West gate Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-06-30 30-06-2022 Tender Document download
No. 13IM&EE/MOF/Elec/F-1311, dt.03-06-2022 Overhauling, Repairing, Rewinding and Reconditioning of 25 HP 3 Speed, 3 Phase, Induction Motor (Anchor Motor) of GHD Sagar Durga - Reg Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-06-10 10-06-2022 Tender Document download
IM&EE/PMU/EQ-1/EOV DT.04-05-2022 CANCELLATION OF EXPRESSION OF INTREST Operation and Maintenance of EQ-1 terminal for carrying out commercial Operations with the existing facilities. Mechanical Engineering Tenders 1970-01-01 01-01-1970 Tender Document download
No.05/IM&EE/MOF/Elec/F-1307, dt.19.04.2022. Removing, Shifting and re-locating of existing 415 Volts LT Shore supply panels and existing incoming & outgoing cables etc., from ORS Jetty to various locations in VPT Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-04-25 25-04-2022 Tender Document download
No.02/IM&EE/MOF/Elec/F-1308, dt.8.4.2022 Providing decorative LED serial set lighting to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Statue circle at Convent Junction for 3 days (i.e.from 13.04.2022 to 15.04.2022 including tools, tackles, manpower with fixing & removing at their scope Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-04-12 12-04-2022 Tender Document download
No.125/2021-22/IM&EE/MOF/FOF/ET/F.77/, Dt.17.03.2022 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV network at Dy.Chairman Bunglaw in VPT Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-03-24 24-03-2022 Tender Document download
IM&EE/PMU/O&M/EQ-1/01/ dT 07.03.2022 Corrigendum: Operations and maintenance of existing EQ-1 terminal for carrying out commercial oprations with the existing facilities. Ref:Tender IM&EE/PMU/0&M/EQ-1/01 Dt. 18.02.2022 Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-03-21 21-03-2022 Tender Document download
No.IM&EE/PMU/O&M/EQ-1/01, dt.18.02.2022. OPERATION & MAINTENANCE OF EXISTING EQ-1 TERMINAL FOR CARRYING OUT COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS WITH THE EXSITING FACILITIES Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-03-08 08-03-2022 Tender Document download
No.IM&EE/MOF/ELE/EMP-1168/ Dt. .02.2022. Diversion of Electrical loads of SG Puram Substation to GJH and Unmanned substations duly dismantling the substation equipment’s – In view of Lease out of Vacant land at Salagramapuram area Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-02-16 16-02-2022 Tender Document download
Tender Notice No. 115 /2021-22/IM&EE/MOF/FOF/ET/F.77/, Dt. 03.02.2022 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV network at Dy.Chairman Bunglaw in VPT– Reg” Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-02-10 10-02-2022 Tender Document download
TENDER No. 114 /2022/IM&EE/ELE/AMC/76,Dt.03.02.2022 Short Term Maintenance contract of Window/Split/Ductable/ VRV’s/Cassette/Precision Air conditioners and Water coolers in Port Area, foR a period of 03(three) Months”. Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2022-02-09 09-02-2022 Tender Document download
No.102/IM&EE/MOF/Elec/F-1302, dt. 09.12.2021. Repairing / Re-conditioning of Local Control Panels and Master Control Panels of Capstan/Winch Motors at ORS Dry Dock Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2021-12-15 15-12-2021 Tender Document download
IM&EE/MOF/Elec/EMP-1153/4237 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Boom Barrier at GCB Container Scanning Yard etc Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2021-11-09 09-11-2021 Tender Document download
81/2020-21/IM&EE/MOF/FOF/ ET/F.03 Deployment of 06 Nos. of counter operators to run RFID counter at WOB to generate daily / weekly RFID permits for men/vehicle for a period of 02 years Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2021-09-01 01-09-2021 Tender Document download
MMD/Gr.II/R-036/20-21/SLT Tender for Fabrication and Supply of 02 No's 1KL Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank for the use of GJH Mechanical Engineering Tenders 2021-08-23 23-08-2021 Tender Document download