The Golden Jubilee Hospital was established in the year 1984 as a 150 bedded hospital, presently running with a strength of 80 beds and catering for the Medical needs of nearly 40,000 beneficiaries.    The Hospital was constructed in 4910 sq. Mts (1.21acres) area as a 5 storied building consisting of Ground,1st,2nd,3rd,& 4th floor and basement and the Hospital has two main entrances i.e.  East entrance   and  South entrance


 Who-is-who                     Super speciality clinic timings                     Organisation Chart  



·        General and Specialist care to all eligible employees, dependents and retired   employees both inpatient as well as outpatient care.

·        Speciality services like Cardiology, Nephrology, Dermatology, ENT,   Pulmonology, Neuro Surgery, Gastroenterology and Dental as Outpatient   services.

·        Providing Medical Oncology Services.

·        Homeopathy and Ayurvedic services.

·        Occupational health services.

·        Major and minor surgeries at Operation Theatre Complex.

·        Separate Fever clinic is being run near casualty when necessary.

·        Most of the medicines (including Homeopathy and Ayurveda) preferably  generic drugs, prescribed by the Doctors are being supplied  through    Pharmacy counters.

·        GJH is extending its services at two Dispensaries,

·        One at Port Area 24/7 for primary and emergency care.

·        Second at Chinamushidiwada in general shift for 3days in a week on every   Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.



Emergency Services

·        Round the clock services for all emergency cases at GJH and Port area Casualties are available.

·        At Casualty, emergency treatment is given initially and observed, later   patient  is either sent to concerned specialist OP or admitted as in-patient or   referred to empanelled hospital when the necessary facility is not available at  our GJH.

·        All essential and emergency drugs, anti-snake venom for snake bite and anti-rabies vaccine for dog bite are available at Casualty .



Ambulance Services

·       Two ambulances at GJH and One at Port area dispensary are available.




Outpatient Services

·        When a patient comes for OP services he/she has to go to the Registration   Counter where token number  is allotted to the requested OP.

·        Then patient goes to the doctor for consultation and examination if necessary .

·        Then the prescribed medicines which  are available in GJH are issued in   pharmacy counters. Those medicines which are not available in our   pharmacy will be given  the next day afternoon at the Local Purchase Counter , which have to be taken within 6 working days or else will be returned.




Occupational Health Check-Up Services

·        Regular health checkups are done to all Employees, Officers,CISF personnel   and Canteen staff on every Tuesday & Thursday with a review on Saturday.

·        Employees above 40yrs will be checked once in 2yrs and for those above 50   years and Drivers will have yearly health check up.

·        Employees have to come on their allotted day on empty stomach at 8 AM to   the hospital for physical examination and necessary investigations.

·        The reports are reviewed on Saturday.




Laboratory Services

Clinical tests available are

·        Blood counts

·        Blood sugar

·        Lipid profile

·        Liver function tests

·        Kidney function tests

·        Urine analysis

·        Serology tests

·        Stool test

·        Pap smear cytology

·        Rapid antigen test for COVID-19

·       Patients are referred to Empanelled Diagnostic Centres or Hospitals for special investigation or consultation or treatment which is not available at GJH like Thyroid function tests, etc .

·        Patients have to come on fasting at 8 am to give  blood samples for Fasting blood glucose, Lipid profile and for Health check up.Samples for regular investigations are collected from 8am to 12pm during working days.

·        In case of emergencies and from wards, samples are collected in general shift, on Sundays and Public Holidays also.

·        Reports will be ready by afternoon 4pm on the same day.

·        Reports are issued both in EMR(online) and manually also.

·        Patients are referred to Empanelled Diagnostic Centres or Hospitals for special investigation or consultation or treatment which is not available at GJH like Thyroid function tests, etc .



Help Desk Services

·        This is to help the patients and attenders at times of emergency, to avoid   inconvenience for availability of bed vacancy in referral hospitals.

·        It co-ordinates with various hospitals  and blood banks and Provide phone   numbers to those in need regarding ambulance  services etc.

·        Provide any other required help in case of any untoward incidents.

·        For any queries please contact 9154081465.



Physiotherapy Services

·          Main objective is to determine the interventions and manage the needs of   the  individual in attaining near normalcy in life after facing any health   issues.

·          Physiotherapy is mainly essential for Post Operative cases, Ortho and Neuro   problems like trauma, paralysis, arthritis, Neuropathy, Radiculopathy  &   Degenerative conditions etc.

·          Patients are encouraged to do active movements and exercise.

·          Electrotherapy treatment modalities like:

·          Ultrasound,  Inter Ferential Therapy (IFT), Short Wave Diathermy, Traction   Units,  Wax bath and Electrical Muscle Stimulator are available.



Radiology Services

·        Digital X-ray

·        ECG

·        Patients are referred to Empanelled Diagnostic Centres or Hospitals for   special investigations which is not available at GJH like Ultrasonography, CT   & MRI Scans, Colonoscopy, ECHO, TMT, Sleep Study, Audiometry, etc .




Immunization Services

·        Continuous Vaccination programme is going on at GJH as per Government   immunization programme.

·        Vaccines available at GJH are

1.     Polio Vaccines

2.     DPT

3.     BCG

4.     MMR

5.     T T

6.     Rotavax

7.     Hepatitis B

8.     Pentavax

9.     Anti-Rabies

     10.Covaxin & Covishield for COVID 19.



Dietician Services

·        Diet counselling is given to patients for Diabetes, HTN , Gout, Dyslipidaemia ,   etc.

·        Educating patients  regarding Weight  and Calorie management  and a   healthy life style.

·        Daily 1 litre boiled milk is supplied to the in-patients morning and evening.

·        CANTEEN is located near OP block from morning 7am to 6pm

·        Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided at concessional rates for hospital   patients, visitors and staff.




·        34 bedded Covid Isolation Ward  is established in 1st floor  of GJH

·        10 Beds have oxygen support

·        ICU beds with 3 Cardiac monitors are arranged

·        2 High Flow Nasal Oxygen supply,1 Non-Invasive Ventilator are available.

·        Equipped with 5 oxygen concentrators and  278 Oxygen cylinders.




The sanitary section of the medical department looks after the sanitation of  the Golden Jubilee Hospital, Dispensaries, residential colonies and working areas of VPA  In terms of Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998, Biomedical Waste generated in the hospital is being segregated at the source and deposited in separate dustbins category wise and handed over to M/s. Maridi & Co. Ltd. Authorized agency by APPCB, for safe disposal.




          The STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) of 25 KLD was Constructed in the

             premises of Golden Jubilee Hospital to treat effluence from the

            Clinical lab, eration  Theatre, all wards, Casualty etc. which is being discharged to

            STP through an underground sewage system.




                        A rooftop Solar plant of 100 KV is present on terrace of wards and OPD block.

                       The electricity generated is utilized for the hospital



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