Notable achievements




              For the first in the history of Vizag Port a record EXIM cargo of 72.72 million tonnes was handled.


              VPT has accomplished 86 years in glorious service to the nation on 7th October, 2019.


              A record quantity of 8.65 million tonnes of container cargo (5.04 lakh TEUs) was handled surpassing the previous best volume of 7.96 million tonnes (4.50 lakh TEUs) in 2018-19 registering a growth of 9%.

             A record quantity of 3.86 million tonnes of Import POL Cargo was handled during the year surpassing the previous record of 2.93 Million Tonnes during 2018-19.

              An amount of Rs.100.28 crores was spent on Capital Plan schemes.


             BIMSTEC meeting of 7 countries comprising India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mynmar, Srilanka, Bangladesh & Thailand was held on 7th & 8th November, 2019.


Major projects commissioned:

             Development of multipurpose terminal by replacement of existing old and shallow berths EQ-2 to EQ-5 berths to cater 14.50 mtr. draft vessels in inner harbour with a cost of Rs.198.46 Crs. completed on 30.09.2019.

             Development of CC block pavement, compound wall and drainage system from WQ-8 to WQ- 6 at a cost of Rs.8.66 Crs. completed on 23.11.2019.

             Development of civil works for installation of container scanner at VGCB gate in port area with a cost of Rs.2.46 Crs. completed on 25.09.2019.

             Extension of CC block road from WQ-5 to WQ-4 & from WQ-1 to WQ return end with RCC guard wall and preparation of site for plantation of plants at back up area at a cost of Rs.1.64 Crs. completed on 19.09.2019.

             Providing CC block approach road from ESSAR junction to truck parking terminal gates at   “Y” junction at a cost of Rs.97 lakhs completed on 30.12.2019.

Major projects sanctioned/awarded:

             Construction of Berth for International cruise terminal at channel berth area in outer harbour at a cost of Rs.51.06 Crs. sanctioned on 08.09.2019.

             Repairs and rehabilitation of existing LPG berth in the outer harbour at an estimated cost of Rs.5.91 Crs. is awarded on 23.08.2019.

             Providing Hard surfacing with precast concrete blocks of M-55 grade to the Port stack yards (West of B ramp, North of OHC) in Port area with an estimated cost of Rs.9.93 Crs. is awarded on 10.10.2019.

             Providing road connection from the end of Grade separator approach to H-7 junction with CC block pavement in port area at a cost of Rs.2.41 Crs. sanctioned on 24.01.2020.

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