Scale of Rates of VPT

General revision of Scale Of Rates of Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) on 11/08/2020 View/Download
Proposal of VPT for General Revision of Scale of Rates under 2018 Guidelines View/Download
Lands-SoR (Schedule of Rates) to VPT land for the Quinquennium 2018-2023 View/Download
Approved Valuer Report on Land Valuation of VPT for the period 2018-2023 View/Download
DRA rates for 2018-23 applicable to concerned lease hoders View/Download
Revised Proposal for Revision of SOR – (2013-2018) View/Download
Proposed Scale of Rates 2015 View/Download
Performance Standards Document 2015 View/Download
Scale Of Rates ADDENDUM View/Download
Tariff Document View/Download
Revised Tariff Document from 30-04-2011 View/Download
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