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PPP Projects under operation

Sl.No Project name Actual Project Cost (Rs. in crores) Capacity (MTPA) Date of commercial operations Royalty/Revenue Share Remarks, if any
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
1 Mechanization of coal handling facilities and up-gradation of the General Cargo berth in Outer Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port to cater to 200,000DWT vessels on DBFOT basis 640.40 (as communicated by M/s VGCBPL) 10.18 8.4.2013 38.10
2 Development of EQ1 berth by replacing the existing EQ1 berth and part of EQ2 berth in Inner Harbour for unloading of Steam coal on DBFOT basis 323.70 6.41 24.10.2014 40.29
3 Development of WQ-6 berth in Inner Harbour for handling multipurpose cargo on DBFOT basis 139.90 2.08 13.7.2015 47.17
4 Development of` EQ-10 berth in Inner Harbour for handling Liquid Cargoes and chemicals on DBFOT basis 55.38 1.84   19.08 Project completed. Handling of Trial vessel held on 19.7.2015 Awaiting Customs final notification for issue of COD.
PPP Projects under implementation

Sl.No Project name Estimated Project Cost (Rs. in crores) Capacity (MTPA) Date of signing of Conces-sion Agreement Date of award of Conces-sion Scheduled date of commer-cial opera-tions Present status including reasons for delay, if any, in achieving prescribed milestones
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
1 Development of EQ1A on south side of EQ1 berth in Inner Harbour for handling Thermal coal and Steam coal on DBFOT basis. 313.39 7.36 3.2.2012 25.10.2012 September 2016 Work is in progress (78%). The project is likely to be completed by November 2016.
2 Installation of Mechanized fertilizer handling facilities at EQ-7 in Inner Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port on DBFOT basis. 217.58 5.21 18.5.2012 8.4.2013 VPT Board in the meeting held on 17.6.2016 resolved vide Resolution No. 35/2016-17 to terminate the project on mutual consent by a special instrument called the Cancellation Agreement.
3 Up-gradation of the existing facility at outer harbour and creation of new facility at inner harbour for handling iron ore on DBFOT basis 845.41 23.00 13.12.2013 14.5.2015 14.5.2017 Phase-I of the project construction is under progress
4 Extension of existing container terminal in the outer harbour on DBFOT basis 633.11 0.54 MTEUs 17.12.2014 August 2016(likely) August 2016(likely) Concession agreement signed on 17.12.2014. Environmental clearance granted by MOEF (25.5.2016) was communicated to the Concessionaire for fulfilling the balance conditions precedent as per concession agreement.
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